Monday, February 2, 2015

No olvide a sonreír‏

I'm on a little boat!
What can I say about this week. This week was a little more difficult. We had a lot of appointments, but a lot of the people weren't there when we went to go visit them. We just continued working during the week and trying to find new people. We found some people that we feel are going to progress for the future. 
We had a service project this last week with the whole zone where we had to paint a wall. It was fun! We were working and I don't know what it is about Iquitos but EVERYONE likes to give you food and soda and just stuff you full like they are preparing to cook you. It's funny, because in Moyobamba not a lot of people give you food, or Pucallpa, but Iquitos it's almost every house they give us cake or pop or some kind of food. So of course when we were painting, the woman came out with popcorn and juice for us. So we took a break and ate but now we are going to finish the wall this week.
Also this week we had a blitz in our area where all the missionaries came and searched all of the less actives and found references and everything and that was awesome because we received a ton of references! They found a lot of new less actives and we got to know new parts of our area that we didn't know before. 
We had some fun experiences this last week where we were laughing super hard. We are finding the good news in everything. If people don't want to listen to us or if we don't find the people that we are searching for, we are keeping a good attitude and always laughing. Everything is going really well and we are doing really good. 
There is not much else to tell about this week, But I hope that everyone has a good week and keeps up the big smiles :) 
Hermana Larsen
 This kid is so cute!

Being silly...imagine that ;)

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